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Yuchen Zhu


Yuchen Zhu obtained his MSc in Engineering in the field of surface modification of biomaterials from the South China University of Technology. He is now a registered PhD student at the University of Manchester with a project on synthesis of nanoparticles for the fabrication of three-dimensional photonic crystals.

His research interests focus on developing responsive photonic crystals, which demonstrate color change in response to external stimuli such as pH, thermal, strains, magnetic and electric field. The responsiveness of photonic crystals is achieved on basis of Bragg law by the variation of reflection wavelength in periodic nanostructure. To achieve the responsive function of photonic crystals, artificial opals were obtained as a template by the convective self-assembly methods, which were then infiltrated with polymers polymer capable of responding to external stimuli to generate responsive inverse-opal. This opens up the possibility of potential application for the development of biosensor.


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